A designer, an artist, a musician, A creative problem solver.

For more than a decade i have been working with agencies & clients to conceive, create & express their brands across a wide variety of media channels. I have taken lead roles in the concept, design, storyboarding, planning & production of websites, online advertising campaigns, animations & installations and print. I work with clients to identify user requirements, create sitemaps & wireframes to drive engaging, inspiring & intuitive design. Never shy of a challenge, I am a creative thinker & problem solver, a creative catalyst for brands large & small.


I have kept company with.

Other Projects.

The art of dave.

Dave presents a series of unique, if not a tad abstract, explorations on board, canvas & paper, using acrylic, spray paint, pencils, photography & found objects - inspired by his surroundings, this is his creative artistic outlet where he can do whatever he pleases.

The Music of dave.

Dave presents a world of new sounds & styles, composing layered instrumental music with the bass guitar. Having played the bass guitar since the age of 16 this is the output of many years of love for the instrument.